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   P A N T H E R  C I T Y  V I N T A G E  CO.

Rescue.      Restore.      Reuse.

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At PantherCityVintageCo. & 1882 Homestead we aim to help people discover those special finds that they truly love. Browse our selection online or in our "pop-up" shops to see what’s in stock. You may find just what you have been looking for.

-Joshua Potts (shop owner)

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Here is a Texas born and Texas owned online and "pop-up" vintage shop started in the city of Fort Worth. It is said, that in the late 1800's, Fort Worth had a rivalry nickname given by a resident from the city of Dallas. The nickname was "Panther City".  So naturally, being in  Fort Worth, the name Panther City Vintage Company seemed to fit.  Our travel setup resides in a all original 1966 Shasta camper, nicknamed "Frewaldt"after it's original owners, The Frewaldt Family. 


We sell a variety of vintage items and home good products.  We started out with just a box of vintage post cards sent from around the globe and noticed that many of them were addressed to Texan residents in Fort Worth. Here is your chance to immerse yourself in what was one of the most popular ways to send word without an envelope. If you are a post card collector, stamp collector, or history dreamer, we are sure to have a post card for you. 

-1882 Homestead-

Like most Wild West Texas stories, let us take you back the late 1800's in Mecklenburg County North Carolina. Picture a small kid who just lost his father in the U.S. Civil War. During his grief and struggles there was this new hope of opportunity in the state that was once called The Republic of Texas. Opportunity arises, The Republic of Texas becomes part of the U.S. It is this opportunity which becomes his dream. His dream of owning a piece of it.  Texas!!! So he jumps on a wagon train, carries just a few items, most importantly his brings his late fathers shot gun. He heads West.  Where exactly West?  To the Texas town of Jacksboro is where!  Literally the  middle of "The Wild West".   He would grow up working long days on the Rider Ranch doing ranching/farming/breaking horses. In the year of 1882 he earns enough money to purchase a homestead of his own. With his purchase, he is able to farm it, grow cotton & wheat and raise cattle.  It will become a registered Texas Centennial Ranch. This ranch, nicknamed "The Potts Farm" or a Texas registered brand as "Bar -P Ranch". This homestead is still owned and operated by the same family now for over 150 years. This "kid", a Jack County pioneer, was my Great Great Grandfather, Charles Wakefield Potts Sr.  Welcome to our 1882 Homestead brand which is dedicated to Texas home goods some homemade and some found along the way. It includes our very own hand poured soy candles and organic soaps. These items you can buy online and at our "pop-up" locations. 


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